Monday, January 16, 2012

School holiday creating..

Over the last few days I have had the pleasure of my youngest son Harry's company. He arrived on Friday, just in time to help me celebrate my birthday, along with my wonderful and gorgeous sister, favourite brother-in-law and their lovely family.
Once the week end festivities were over, we have occuppied ourselves with some crafty business.
First off was a trip to Spotlight to stock up on a few essentials, and purchase a much needed item. My cutting board was very, very tired, and the blade kept getting stuck. My lovely step daughter and her handsome lad surprised me with a Spotlight gift voucher for my birthday, enabling me to buy the cutting board of my dreams! Thank you Mel!

What a difference a decent cutting board makes. Wow.
So that was me sorted. Harry's request was to make a pillow adorned with a Liverpool logo, and something else, but he wasn't sure what else. First we were going to get big boxes from work, masking tape, and a tarp, and go to town, but the hot weather,(37 C) and hot high winds made that a no go. So he found a hinged wooden box that he thought he could work with instead.
So, these are the end products..

So, we have been quite productive! We decided that a trip to the movies was also in order, and went to see 'The adventures of Tin Tin". Fantastic. Recommended.
It will be sad to see Harry go today, but all good things come to an end, and I guess I do have to go to work at some stage!!


  1. Clever boy, that lad. Glad to see you got the cutting mat, you're going to get so much use out of it that it's worth paying the extra to get the size and brand that you want. Paige thinks he's pretty clever.

  2. Love your enormous cutting board - you'll make good use of that! And Harry is so creative isn't he, shame it's wasted on Liverpool. Go the mighty Spurs!