Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Designs...

I have been very busy also with some new jewlery designs, utilising some Etsy finds, as well as some pieces that have been in my Stash for some time. There is a lot more to come!
I have also decided to attend the 'Art of Elegance Fair' in Maryborough on Mothers Day which sounds a wonderful event, and hopefully will be worthwhile.

Some of the pieces are the start of a series, and are in my Etsy shop and others I will keep for the Fair.


What a week last week, such a rush to get this stunning quilt finished, and I could not be happier with the result. (I am having trouble concentrating writing this as I am watching the indomitable John Clarke and Brian Doyle to the take on the Speaker at the end of the 7.30 report. Laugh...)
Back to normal programming, this quilt was a wedding gift for a lovely lady at work who married again, and it has been a joy to watch her happiness.
I have used Spotlight's Prima homespun, and their Bamboo batting. It quilted like a dream. The fabric itself is a mix of Kaffee Fasset and a range that Michelle Marvig did for Benartex  some 3 years ago. As well as some chocolate lollipop scaps that Lisa forgot she had gifted to me!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Busy Time..

In 2 weeks I haven't blogged, so it looks as if I haven't been doing much at all. That couldn't be further from the truth, it's just been go, go go! I seem to have commited myself to do several quilts as gifts for various people, for various reasons. The one pictured below is for a lovely new baby girl, who's Grandmother was a very dear friend of ours. As Sue is no longer with us, I feel that the one thing that I can do for her is to make a quilt for her Grandies when they come along.

It's turned out very well. Welcome to the world baby Isabelle, and I hope you enjoy your quilt.
So, that's one down. Then I decided that as one of my lovely ladies on staff was getting married she would require a quilt as well. I am very enamoured with Elizabeth Hartman's 'Avalon' pattern, so I have used that. The quilt is pieced, pinned and ready for quilting, so photos will appear when the light is helpful. It is rather lovely.

Over this long week end just passed I have also done a market with my jewelry. I always like to have some new designs to take out, as I think it adds an element of freshness, and when you do build up a banl of loyal followers, they are always looking to see what is 'next' or 'new' for you. so that kept me busy too. i took a couple of general photos of my stall, hoping to use them on my Facebook page.

So, it's been a busy, and productive time here in the glorious weather that we are having at the moment.