Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Australia Day!

It's been a quiet few days on the creating front, I have been a bit off colour, and have had some time off work. Of course the first thing that desserts you when you feel like this is your creative mojo.

Things are starting to look up, which is always good, and after a good sleep in today, I managed to get some things done.
First I finished the quilt top for my niece that is her Christmas present.

I am very happy with it, the fabrics are Kona white, and Happy Mochie Yum Yum, it's such a colourful and gorgeous range. The block is from my favourite book 99 Modern Blocks. Now all that remains is to take it to patchwork on Tuesday night  so that the lovely ladies can help me pin it ready for quilting.
Once I knew that I was going to finish today, I decided to see if Spotlight was open today. It was! So I decided to contribute to their budget for the day. I boight some lovely fabric for a top/tunic that just caught my eye and I loved it. However, all I could hear was my mother's voice saying that you can't wear that colour, it will look terrible. I decided in the end that I am old enough to decide which voices in my head to listen to, and to follow my instinct, they have never led me to far astray when I have taken the time to listen!
So this is what I purchased. The Vogue pattern i have had for some time, waiting for just the right fabric.
Isn't it gorgeous!

Monday, January 16, 2012

School holiday creating..

Over the last few days I have had the pleasure of my youngest son Harry's company. He arrived on Friday, just in time to help me celebrate my birthday, along with my wonderful and gorgeous sister, favourite brother-in-law and their lovely family.
Once the week end festivities were over, we have occuppied ourselves with some crafty business.
First off was a trip to Spotlight to stock up on a few essentials, and purchase a much needed item. My cutting board was very, very tired, and the blade kept getting stuck. My lovely step daughter and her handsome lad surprised me with a Spotlight gift voucher for my birthday, enabling me to buy the cutting board of my dreams! Thank you Mel!

What a difference a decent cutting board makes. Wow.
So that was me sorted. Harry's request was to make a pillow adorned with a Liverpool logo, and something else, but he wasn't sure what else. First we were going to get big boxes from work, masking tape, and a tarp, and go to town, but the hot weather,(37 C) and hot high winds made that a no go. So he found a hinged wooden box that he thought he could work with instead.
So, these are the end products..

So, we have been quite productive! We decided that a trip to the movies was also in order, and went to see 'The adventures of Tin Tin". Fantastic. Recommended.
It will be sad to see Harry go today, but all good things come to an end, and I guess I do have to go to work at some stage!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Swoon Along..

I have decided to Swoon Along too!
I think that this will be a lot of fun.

Small Blog Meet

I have long been a fan of the wonderful blog Lily's Quilts and as I was pottering over there tonight, I saw her Small Blog Meet. What a wonderful idea! So I am in, and going to meet some other small bloggers, with a view to meeting some (hopefully) very nice people, who share my obsessions, I mean passions!

Monday, January 9, 2012

What I have been up to..

One whole week has gone by, and no blog post! Clearly I have a lot to learn about this blogging malarkey. I do find having to work for a living does get in the way of the creative process, but I shouldn't complain too much, I do enjoy my job, and until I find a way to be paid to potter around to my hearts content, it's going to be the way of the future!
However, things have been happening in the the house of PurpleMum. I have finished all my second round blocks of the 4x5 Bee blocks, and I am very pleased with them, I shall give you a lttle sneak peek. For me to have them mailed out  almost a week before the deadline is nothing short of a modern miracle,

They have taken quite a bit of time and energy, but I am very pleased with the end result.

I have also made a fabulous wrap skirt using a 'Make it Perfect' pattern, I am dubious anout modelling it, as I am not as glamorous as my sistte, but the skirt looks nothing lying on the ground, so excuse the body, I am very pleased with the skirt. The colour combo had had the desired effect, as Mr. Purple commented that it reminded him of something that his Mum used to wear! So the desired retro/vintage colour scheme with a touch of red definitely worked!!

Skirt on me.

Skirt on the floor. Doesn't give you a great idea of what it looks like.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Creative Space...

This is my working space for creating jewelry. I know what you are does she find anything??? Trouble is, when i clean it up, I immediately have a creative block. i need it to be messy for the ideas to flow. I know it sounds crazy, but that's just the way it is I'm afraid.

Out of that chaos, comes this....

I have an idea for a necklace in my mind, but it just won't come out today, it might be the 42 degree heat. So I ordered one instead from a wonderful Etsy seller. Let's see if I can successfully put the link in

However, all was not lost today, as I did get a sample block done for the 4x5 Bee, which I am pretty happy with.

The block is "Four Acres" from Modern Blocks, and this one is designed by Solidia Hubbard. I love the way it has come up, I hope my fellow hive members are happy as well.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day One.....

You can waste many hours trying to think of something wise, witty and prophetic to write on your very first blogpost. At the end of the day I decided I may as well start as I mean to continue, straight, from the heart, and talking design and the creative process, the thnings that I really love.
I have had so much enjoyment from reading other's blogs that I decided it was time to join the revolution, and have my own. In the process, documenting my own creative journey, hopefully spurring myself on to bigger and better things, and creating a visual diary of what I do. A worthy endeavour.
 So, here I am, a lover of textiles in all forms, a jewellery maker of 10 years now, a very keen patchworker, and someone who is rather fond of sewing for myself and those I love.
Roll on 2012, and all that it may bring! Happy New Year!