Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Australia Day!

It's been a quiet few days on the creating front, I have been a bit off colour, and have had some time off work. Of course the first thing that desserts you when you feel like this is your creative mojo.

Things are starting to look up, which is always good, and after a good sleep in today, I managed to get some things done.
First I finished the quilt top for my niece that is her Christmas present.

I am very happy with it, the fabrics are Kona white, and Happy Mochie Yum Yum, it's such a colourful and gorgeous range. The block is from my favourite book 99 Modern Blocks. Now all that remains is to take it to patchwork on Tuesday night  so that the lovely ladies can help me pin it ready for quilting.
Once I knew that I was going to finish today, I decided to see if Spotlight was open today. It was! So I decided to contribute to their budget for the day. I boight some lovely fabric for a top/tunic that just caught my eye and I loved it. However, all I could hear was my mother's voice saying that you can't wear that colour, it will look terrible. I decided in the end that I am old enough to decide which voices in my head to listen to, and to follow my instinct, they have never led me to far astray when I have taken the time to listen!
So this is what I purchased. The Vogue pattern i have had for some time, waiting for just the right fabric.
Isn't it gorgeous!


  1. Paige's quilt top is beautiful! I think that the fabric and pattern will be a great combination - I love the colour too and might have to borrow your pattern.

  2. Well done, the quilt top is gorgeous. Hope you have been looking after yourself whilst I have been away - catch up with you soon!