Thursday, March 22, 2012


What a week last week, such a rush to get this stunning quilt finished, and I could not be happier with the result. (I am having trouble concentrating writing this as I am watching the indomitable John Clarke and Brian Doyle to the take on the Speaker at the end of the 7.30 report. Laugh...)
Back to normal programming, this quilt was a wedding gift for a lovely lady at work who married again, and it has been a joy to watch her happiness.
I have used Spotlight's Prima homespun, and their Bamboo batting. It quilted like a dream. The fabric itself is a mix of Kaffee Fasset and a range that Michelle Marvig did for Benartex  some 3 years ago. As well as some chocolate lollipop scaps that Lisa forgot she had gifted to me!

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  1. It's really lovely, I'm sure the happy couple will love it. You've been busy! I feel like such a slacker...